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2017 RVOA Annual Membership 2016-10-05
RVOA Annual Membership dues of $ 50.00 are due by November 1, 2016. Officials may pay by using Paypal on this RVOA site. Click Membership, click Join/Renew and follow the directions. Or, mail a check to RVOA, 68 East Tyler Street, Oswego, Il.

RVOA 2017 Level 1 Clinic 2016-10-05
New and returning 1st and 2nd year RVOA officials are encouraged to register for our Level 1 Clinic scheduled for Friday, November 18 and Saturday, November 19 in Lisle, Il. The cost of the clinic is $ 30.00 and registration forms are available by contacting Dick Dooley at 630-401-2562 or email pdtd55@aol.com.

RVOA 2016 Tournament List 2016-02-12
All, RVOA has posted a list of their summer & fall tournaments for 2016. It can be found on our calendar website at www.rvofficials.com & under the "LACROSSE" drop down tab. Click on Forms & Reports to view it. If you have any questions, please contact Pete Ducato @ 708-508-7383 or email at peteducato@comcast.

Rules Tip Week #7 2013-05-16
We’ve received reports of some confusion on applying rule 4.15 "Advancing the Ball into the Goal Area" in high school games. Clarification #1 is that Article 1 specifies that the team has 10 seconds to get the ball into the goal area (i.e. attack box) once they cross midfield and have possession or regain possession after the defense has had possession. The 10 second count should not be started until there is possession in the offensive half of the field. ART.

Week #5 Rule/Tip of the week – Simultaneous Foul Situation?‏ 2013-04-26
This week’s case comes from a recent incident brought to our attention. From the sound of things, the correct ruling was made, but maybe not for the right reasons. Situation: Player B1 slashes A1 who has possession of the ball. FLAG DOWN. During the slow whistle, the refs notice that Team A has too many players on the field. What to do? From Rule 7-8-2, a slow whistle ends for any of several reasons, including “h. –a player on the attacking team commits a foul.” Therefore, when too many players are noticed, the play is killed immediately.

Week #4 Rules Tip: More about Goalie in the Crease‏ 2013-04-17
In week two, we wrote about the restrictions and responsibilities of the goalie while in the crease. Of course, the crease also imparts important privileges to the goalie If the goalie has any part of his body in the crease: � He may stop (but not pick up or catch) the ball with his hand, if the ball is within the crease cylinder. � No opponent may contact the goalie (with or without possession). � No opponent may interfere with the goalie’s outlet pass or normal follow-thru.

Rule Tip Week #3: Releasable or not? 2013-04-09
Referees are given the responsibility to assess extra minutes of penalty time for personal fouls, depending on their judgment of the severity of the infraction. Some officials might erroneously extend this concept to declare a penalty non-releasable. In general, penalties are non-releasable by rule, not by officials’ judgment.

Rules Tip Week #2 Goalkeeper in the crease: Restrictions‏ 2013-04-04
While the crease affords the goalkeeper certain protection and privilege, it also imposes several restrictions which must be observed by players and adjudicated by officials. Re-entering the crease: This terminology is misleading, as there is no “re” entry necessary for a violation. Rule 4-20-3 states that a defending player (usually the goalkeeper) may not: � Enter the crease with possession of the ball. � Stay in the crease with possession for more than 4 seconds.

LAX Rules/Tip of the week - Week 1 2013-03-25
This week's rule tip seems to be a pretty simple issue, but was suggested after a coach posed the question to one of our officials. Unsure of the answer, he informally polled a few others, and their answers varied. Question: Can a player's crosse have tape on the handle which contacts the plastic head? (NFHS) Answer: A rules axiom is that if no rule prohibits it, it is legal under the rules. No NFHS rule prohibits tape touching the head.

RVOA President, Pete Ducato, in the news... 2012-05-16
Chris Walker, a reporter with the Daily Herald, wrote an article about the 2012 H.S. LAX season that also mentioned RVOA president, Pete Ducato.: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20120514/sports/705149786/ "Official respect: Pete Ducato, the president of the Rock Valley Officials Association, has officiated more than 50 high schools games and more than a dozen collegiate contests this spring. Put it this way, if you’ve been following the sport this spring, you’ve likely seen him in action. Ducato stepped away from the high school scene to officiate the Robert Morris University vs.

Slashing #5 (slow motion)

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